It's so nice to get to meet you! I'm so happy you're here! I'm ready to be your favorite hype-girl!

Hi there, I'm Abby Luvera!

Family is so important to me, and currently I live in Gansevoort, NY with my fiance Patrick, and our five (yes, you heard that right!) pets. Our rescue pug Marty, our sphynx cat Astra, two ferrets named Casper and Louise, and a blue tongue skink named Nala! Safe to say I NEVER shy away from animals at a photoshoot! 

My photography journey started years ago when I went hiking with my family - I came home and immediately bought my first camera, and have been capturing memories ever since! When I'm not behind the lens living out my dreams and passion, you can find me working as a vet tech, figure skating, and snuggling ALL of the pugs!

the "nitty gritty"

The Photographer Behind the Lens